Prone Cobra- Core Strenghthening


Targets *Back / Benefits* Strengthens back muscles /Intermediate level
Avoid if you have Lower Back issues
1. Lie Facedown, with your legs extended behind you, feet about shoulder-width apart.
a.Extend your arms along your sides, angles slightly away from your body, with palms downward. 
_____second diagram____
2. Keeping your hands on the floor, raise both your upper and your lower body slightly off the floor.
____third diagram______
3. Raise your arms upwards as you lift your upper and lower body farther off the floor.

4. Lower, and repeat for two sets of 15 repetitions.
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Working on the computer for a longer period is very dangerous. Due to sit for a long time it can weak the strength of your backbone. Prone Cobra is very old and beneficial technique that help to reduce the back bone pain and strengthen it.

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